Avemar film-coated tablets

Avemar film-coated tablet is a dietary supplement for cancer patients, containing Avemar pulvis - fermented wheat germ extract. 

How to order?
You can order Avemar granulate directly from our webshop >> and we deliver it to your home!

Avemar tablet

Use: It is recommended to take half of the daily dose in the morning and the other half in the evening. 10 tablets of Avemar are equal to one sachet (17g) of Avemar granulate.

Recommended Dosage:

  • For adults with body weight less than 50 kg: 8 tablets
    (4 tablets twice a day)
  • For adults with body weight between 50-90 kg: 10 tablets
    (5 tablets twice a day)
  • For adults with body weight above 90 kg: 14 tablets
    (7 tablets twice a day)

User information: Click here to read the User Information >>

Storage requirements: Avemar tablet should be stored in conditions below 22˚C degrees. A refrigerated environment is a suggested option. Avemar tablet is easier to store, transport and dose than Avemar granulate. 150 tablets are sufficient for 11-18 days depending on the bodyweight.

Packaging units available: 2 bottles/box (300 tablets)

Avemar tablet is easier to transport and store, than Avemar granulate. For those who would like to have both products we reccommend our Start Pack

How to order: You can order Avemar film-coated tablets directly from our webshop.

Main ingredients: Avemar pulvis (fermented wheat germ extract). Avemar tablet form does not contain any fructose or additional flavoring.

Nutritional composition of Avemar film-coated tablets:

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